Africa Made

UBUNTU is an African philosophy describing the interconnectedness among all people on this planet. I am because we are.

All Ubuntu Made products are made in Kenya by our Mums – mothers of the
children in our special needs school. Because of Ubuntu, these women have formed into a sisterhood, and have created a bond where all are supported.

Today, the line has grown from 8 mothers just learning how to sew, to 40
full-time sewers and more than 100 full-time beaders.

All of Ubuntu Made’s beadwork is done by women of the Maasai tribe, and Ubuntu’s sustainable jobs have created the largest group of organized Maasai beaders ever!

We celebrate the authenticity of each maker and the land they
 call home by stitching a 36° line on every product, which represents the longitude of the factory in Maai Mahiu. The same angle is also found on the hand beaded tag the Maasai artisans stitch under acacia trees in the Great Rift Valley.

From their hands to yours.

This 36° angle is the UBUNTU mark representing the scars that cut through the Rift Valley and the communities we serve on the margins of society. It is a sign of solidarity – of Ubuntu Made’s commitment to our customers that we will always provide you with handmade products connecting you to the makers and to the land where they were made.

Enjoy the unique aging process of our products, which in time will mark and scar, memorializing the story of your life.

Big love,

The Ubuntu Made Team