Our products give back to health and education programs in Kenya, create jobs, and impact communities on the other side of the world.

  Ubuntu Made products support social impact programs in Kenya that are empowering the communities we work in through job creation. Beyond simply meeting needs, The Ubuntu Foundation is creating a shift in values and changing the conversation surrounding disability and education stigmas in the region. 




Ubuntu School is our educational program, operating from the conviction that a child with special needs or severe disabilities has the ability to lead a life with dignity. When we first came to Maai Mahiu, we found the community for children with special needs and their families being mistreated and secluded. 

Ubuntu School combats injustice by providing therapy, education, and vocational training to over 300 children with special needs in Maai Mahiu, Kenya. 

The Ubuntu School is supported by The Acacia Fund, a group of donors, educators and medical professionals committed to the long-term investment in the students, educators, therapists, and community needs.

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