Ambassador: Sarah Buchanan


Founder of Kula Project

"Over the past seven years, East Africa has become my home. Every day leads to  an adventure, whether I’m working with women in Rwanda through my organization Kula Project , if I’m on safari in Kenya, or exploring the city streets of Johannesburg. Traveling the throughout Africa has given me not only an intense affinity for the people and the multitude of cultures, but also a deep admiration for our environment and a great sense of responsibility to protect the animals that roam among it. After working with the strong women of Rwanda, I have, come to believe that women in developing countries, when empowered, can and will change the trajectory of our world. My travels and the lessons I’ve learned because of them have inspired me to live a life that reflects these values, and that’s why l support Ubuntu Made. Like them, I hold tight to the affirmation of dignity, the appreciation of culture, and the protection of our environment."
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