Meet the Makers: Juliah Mweru

Juliah Mweru, Ubuntu Made Mum since 2012.

How has your life changed since you started working at Ubuntu?
My employment at Ubuntu was the major turning point in my life. From being Ubuntu
Security Guard to a DIVA! God’s promises are so real!

At some point I saw no point in life but that is now a thing of the past since I am a
financially capable lady, no more embarrassments from debts, my family lives a
comfortable life, my children in school and rent is now not a struggle anymore!
Am in the process of owning a piece of land where I will construct my house!

What is your favorite part of working at Ubuntu?
What I like about my employer is that Ubuntu ensures work-life balance and freedom
which promotes creativity and out-of- the-box thinking. This has seen me build an inner
confidence and achieve personal goals in life.

If you could tell anything to our customers, what would it be?
Ubuntu Made mums are the best Designers you have come across so far. I dare you! :)