Our Story

Ubuntu Made: I am, Because We Are

Ubuntu: I Am, Because We Are

Ubuntu Made and the Ubuntu Foundation grew out of a friendship between Jeremiah Kuria and Zane Wilemon, pastors from Kenya and Texas. Meeting weekly over lunch in Mai Mahiu, a small town an hour outside Nairobi, they debated faith, growth, and aid. Together they created a center for children with disabilities, providing life-changing therapy and medical care for kids who suffer from physical challenges and social stigma.

Caring for these children had been a full-time job for their mothers. Soon their Mums started a new conversation with Jeremiah and Zane: “Now that our kids are out of the house, can you help us do something productive with our time?”


Our Mission: Connect to Empower

Empowerment means more than providing handouts or even a sustainable job. It means offering people a chance to create their own lives and livelihood.

Ubuntu Made pays above-market wages and provides health insurance to all our employees and their families, a rarity in Kenya. The job skills our Mums learn and the money they earn empower them to buy homes, provide for their families, and sometimes start their own enterprises. They earn more than money; they earn respect in their community.

Together, by providing disabled children with the healthcare and education they need, we empower them to realize their fullest potential.

That’s empowerment. That’s Ubuntu in action.